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Is early in 20th century, the Industrial Revolution greatly develops

Before more than a month, Xiao snow makes a phone call to say with me, dear of, I am seeking you to invite a draft!Originally, ELLE wants go together with to decorate special issue, exclusively speak shoe ah, wrap ah what of.Hence invited Ms. Bao to write a pack, Ms. Xie(Yi square younger sister) wrote shoe.My nature is that the pleased hope an outside, happy must match a Long mouth not.Then, I am in the light of to love feeling of chemisettes to knot according to the request of Xiao snow from superficial sublimate deep spirit, wrote an article, carolina herrera bolsos carolina herrera bolsos the topic was woman's relationship with of bag.
The time that arrived final text as a result, my article lets to edit to make difficult.In order to writing a blog to used to write, my literary atmosphere is scattered, with magazine of whole don't take to adjust very much.Xiao snow is helpless, have to the big righteousness put out in person and giveed me to die.I think that don't also waste, stuck a blog inside.The ELLE the special issue settles to publish in April, Yi square younger sister article concerning shoe still just, everyone buys to see.
Is a vogue my daughter person, it is my many in the last yearses to perseveringly and continuously pursue and free to wind blows and rain beats down to also nowise falter to boast.Ascend kid's park of time, carolina herrera bolsos like to wear to wipe very bright and red D word the shoes be sung son song by the kids, "small shoes, the Mao carolina herrera bolsos Mao rings, the propertied class is smelly to thought!".Ascend primary school and high school of time, just when in 80's, the vogue of hard homeliness is still popular, while the outlooking isn't beautiful of I, because wear thin leg trousers, miniskirt, "strange costume"s like tights,etc repeatedly drive classmate derision.
Is similar to many sisters, my boast life and experienced several stages of typical models.Is 18-25 years old, the youth is invincible, what dare to wear, wear what all good-looking.Is 25-30 years old, the canthus appeared a crease, carolina herrera bolsos but knew what is the female's magic power, hence fall in love with high-heeled shoes.Leading is 30 years old, get into a chemisette's best age segment, the intelligence is mature, and the experience is abundant, but still keeps owning young outward appearance.At this time of I, be like and discover that the New Continent is similar, discovered a bag, the fan ascended bag, from now on step on an one-way street.
The old words say that the bag compares to a chemisette showroom and displayed each chemisette personal status and style.In fact, clothes, shoe, jewelry, even the turban, the sunglasses, can not express a women as well.But, the bag seems to want special for the woman get many.Otherwise, carolina herrera bolsos how can there are so several chis, wrap wildly.For example be like me thus of, regardless of over the weekend terrible transportation condition, open a few cars of hours, for see a few new style of bags.Greatly and from afar run to Japan, don't visit a historic monument, don't visit a garden, a head of drills into a bag store.There is also more severe girl, buy to be like to buy a big cabbage, carry on the shoulder toward home every day, that calls to burn a pack.
Bag relationship with the woman's, carolina herrera bolsos in fact and very of profound.If rises to the height of history, can say, carolina herrera bolsos the development history of bag, and the female's development history act in cooperation the strict silk matches to sew.
Primitive society, the man hunts, the woman collects.Research according to the interloper, the woman collects the basket that the food eats son and spreads out today's bag.But hunt of man, like the rock and play bow to take on the body, hence appeared clothes pocket, drive man along with use up to now.
The bag appeared in the chemisette to live for the first time in, is Europe in 18th century.The bag in that time is basically a very small bag, the noodles of the silk or velvet anticipates and decorate colorful decoration, pack to match with dress.The bag is used string close, carolina herrera bolsos loose loose ground of wrist that hangs in the fair lady up.Pack those early years in small bag chemisette necessity Csmall fan used in flirtation and fragrance extract oil.The picture that places a crest is a portrait in 1799, draw the last beauty, take a hand of hexangular type to wrap.The photograph of underneath is an ivory silk hand in 1830 to wrap and derive from England.
Is early in 20th century, the Industrial Revolution greatly develops.The mankind invented train and car, there was also a thing- department stored that woman likes most most.Hence, go out a trip to become chemisette vogue, go shopping blood to put together to become chemisette amusement and sport.This time, the woman needs a burliness to order of, can carry in the bag in the hand, use to pack key, carolina herrera bolsos cash and cosmetics;Had better have one more dark bag, can hide the Na pursuer's love letter.Hermes, Louis Vuitton, several Gucci etc.s already the very famous skin have an old store and cater to market demands, narrow travel bag and harness pack of large and make into the women's bag that the leather noodles anticipates.The design came out at that time of a few classic bags, its style spread up to now, for example Speedy of Bolide and Louis Vuitton of Hermes.
The Hermes of 1923 Bolide.hrhjgerju